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50,000 BONUS

  1. Eligibility
    1. Deposit and bet at least Kshs. 100 and get Kshs. 50,000 bonus on 6 th January 2018
  2. Activation of Bonus – [Day 1 to Day 15]
    1. Must stake a bet of at least Kshs. 100 RM every day by 0000hrs for 15 days continuously
    2. BM must be staked in blocks of Kshs. 10,000 per day. [One must place one bet of Kshs. 10,000 BM everyday]
    3. BM must be staked on a multibet of minimum 3 games each with minimum odds of 2.5 and total odds of 40 per bet
    4. Upon winning, bonus money winning [minus bonus stake] is credited into the BM pocket while real money winning is credited into the RM pocket proportionately
    5. One cannot redeem any winnings from the BM until the promo period is over [15 days of BM activation and 15 days of BM redemption]
  3. Redemption of Bonus Winnings [Day 16 – Day 30]
    1. Bonus winnings will be capped at Kshs. 200,000 by the 15 th day [End of activation period]
    2. To redeem the bonus winnings, one must stake at least Kshs. 100 everyday continuously for the next 15 days. During this period, one cannot stake their BM.
  4. Withdrawal of Bonus Winnings [Day 31 – Day 50]
    1. After the 15 days redemption period, bonus winnings cannot be withdrawn in totality but will be redeemed in daily blocks as follows:
      • 0 - 50,000 - 20% per day
      • 50,001 - 100,000 - 10% per day
      • 100,001 - 200,000 - 5% per day
        ** One can only redeem a maximum of Kshs. 10,000 per day
        ** Bonus expires after 20 days. Hence, whatever a player has not withdrawn after 20 days expires.
    2. To keep your withdrawal active, one must bet a minimum of Kshs.100 every day.That means, a bet of 100/- converts at most 10,000/- of one’s BM into RM that can be withdrawn.


  1. Supapal Bonus Introduction

Supapal Bonus is a referral bonus awarded to punters who invite their friends into the Supabet247 platform. They bonus is awarded upon successful registration and betting of the referral.


  1. Terms and Conditions
    1. The bonus is open to everyone one the Supabet247 platform
  2. Mechanics
    1. An already existing Supabet247 user [Referrer] sends R#Friend’sNo to 29247. [The Friend MUST NOT be registered on Supabet247 [Referral.]
    2. The referral receives a text from Supabet247 informing him that he has been referred by his pal. The text shall also have directions on how to register, deposit and bet.
    3. To register, the referral sends ACCEPT#Rererrer’sNo to 29247.
    4. Once the referral registers and bets [Minimum deposit is Kshs. 100] the referrer gets a bonus of Kshs. 100.
    5. This amount shall be automatically credited in the referral’s gaming accounts.
  3. Terms and Conditions
    1. The referrer only gets the bonus once the referral registers and deposits at least Kshs.100
    2. The bonus is not withdrawable. One can only withdraw winnings
    3. The bonus expires after 5 days


  1. Jackpot Bet
  1. The Jackpot amount is subject to change on a weekly basis at SupaBet247 discretion.
  2. The Jackpot is based on thirteen (13) pre-selected football events.
  3. The Jackpot amount is to be divided equally amongst all the Jackpot winners.
  4. Supabet247 reserves the right to withhold 90% of any prize share until the prize presentation ceremony.
  5. Supabet247 reserves the right to pay the whole amount of any prize share to a winner by cheque or bank transfer.
  6. Supabet247 reserves the right, unless prohibited by law, to use the names, radio recordings, motion and still images of the winner, for purposes of publicity and marketing campaigns.
  7. As part of this payment process, winners will be asked to provide an acceptable proof of identity before any payment is made.
  8. Where a jackpot game is cancelled, an official public draw shall be Carried out after 72 hours from the time of cancellation, to determine the result of the missing game result.
  9. The period for claiming the prize is Seven (7) days failure to which Supabet247 may deem the prize forfeited, unless the period is extended, at the sole discretion of Supabet247.


  1. Jackpot Bonus
  1. Jackpot Players are eligible to additional prizes, such as the Jackpot bonus.
  2. The Jackpot bonus amount shall be determined by Supabet247 at its discretion.
  3. The Jackpot bonus shall be available to players with correct predictions on the set of 13 games of the respective weekly Jackpot as follows:
  1. Twelve (12) correct predictions out of thirteen (13) games
  2. Eleven (11) correct predictions out of thirteen (13) games
  3. Ten (10) correct predictions out of thirteen (13) games
  1. The Jackpot bonus amount shall vary between the various classes.
  2. The Jackpot bonus shall be divided equally among the Jackpot bonus winners, within the respective class.

Get more chances to win!!!

Maximize your potential gain with a Jackpot double combination bet!

This allows you to place a bet with two options on a single game, on up to seven games from the listed thirteen jackpot games in one jackpot bet!

Place many Jackpots bets in an instance with ONE double combination bet.

The more double combinations placed, the higher the chances of winning. Calculation of the number of a double combination bet is equal to 2n (where n is the number of double combinations). For instance 4 double combinations will be equivalent to 16(2*2*2*2) single jackpot bets!

Calculation of the cost of a double combination bet is as follows: number of combinations (2n, where n is the number of double combinations)*Kshs.100, for instance for four jackpot double combinations, cost will be calculated as 2*2*2*2=16 combinations*100/- = 1600/- for the bet placed.

A double combination bet can consist of minimum one double and up to a maximum of seven double combinations from the thirteen jackpot games in the Jackpot bet.

The maximum JP double combination comprises of one hundred and twenty eight (128) different single JP sets of 13 predictions placed in one JP bet.

The total cost of the maximum Jackpot double combination bet will be twelve thousand eight hundred, as follows (128 bet selections*100Kshs per bet= Kshs.12,800)

In case of n double combinations placed, each of the 2n single sets of 13 predictions is taken as an individual bet and will be eligible to win ALL the following;

  1. The Jackpot;
  2. Twelve (12) correct predictions bonus;
  3. Eleven (11) correct predictions bonus;
  4. Ten (10) correct predictions bonus;